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Bildungsreise 2018




My impressions of the England trip

I had been looking forward to this trip since I came to this school. Thatís why I was very happy when the journey finally started. I had heard from other pupils that they had a bad host family. So I was a little bit scared that we neither had a good host family. Luckily we all had nice families.

On the 30th September 2018 we started our trip to England at 7.30pm. The journey to Calais took about ten hours and was very hard. In the next morning we went by ferry to Dover. After that we visited the Dover Castle and war time tunnels. Then we continued our journey to Bexhill On Sea. In the evening our host families picked us up and took us to their homes. My friend and I were at a young familyís house with two little children. Our sleeping room was very small but still cozy. All days we had cornflakes for breakfast and for dinner there was convenience food.

Every day we did great trips, for example to London. There we did a city tour by bus. I saw a lot of special skyscrapers and famous sights. Me and my girls went shopping at Oxford Street. It was very loud and busy there. Because of that we didnít want to go shopping anymore. I am not used to so many people. So we sat down at the river ďThamesď and watched street artists. Next day we were in Catherbury, wich was my favourite city of all. I liked it because there were not that many people. I ate fish and chips there for the first time. We also visited Brighton and Hastings. In Brighton and Hastings we had free time. Often my friends and I just sat down at the beach and enjoyed the sea. I liked that more than going to shops where you canít see anything of the sea. On Thursday we went to Beachy Head. There we did a nice walk at the cliffs. It was gorgeous because you had a beautiful view over the sea and cliffs. On the last day we were in London again. In the evening we rode London Eye. That was wonderful! We had a great view over London during the sunset. That was a nice ending of the journey. In the late evening we went back to Germany by bus and ferry.

I think this trip was a great experience because we have seen so much of England in a short time. To be with host families was good because we could get to know the lifestyle of English people. I loved this trip and now I want to visit England with my family in summer again.


                                                                                                                                                    Greta Walter, 9b